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Anno.Ai enables curation of quality training data

  • There‚Äôs a joke that 80 percent of data science is cleaning the data
    and 20 percent is complaining about cleaning the data
  • The problem is not that the department [DoD] cannot label data; it is that there are few, if any, interfaces designed to capture this data labeling in a way that can be used to train AI.
  • These hand-labeled training sets are expensive and time-consuming to create - taking months or years for large benchmark sets, or when domain expertise is required - and cannot be practically repurposed for new objectives. In practice, the cost and inflexibility of hand-labeling such training sets is the key bottleneck to actually deploying machine learning.

Anthony G.
Founder & CEO at Kaggle


Richard K.
Naval Officer at Navy


Alex R., Stephen B.
Engineers at Stanford

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